Know your city?

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How does it work?


Register your business

Register your travel business, get an account verified within a Day.


Add trips or services

Start listing trips or service your best at, consider price for locals.


Receive bookings

Get ready to receive reservations and bookings from locals.

What type of travel business can be listed.

We work with travel companies and those who offer their service within Hospitality Industry, we accept Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Local Guides, Travel Logistic and Accommodation companies .

What are the charges of becoming partner.

To become a partner or lister on, you’ll be charged 15% of each booking that is made on the platform. If you wish to add more milage on your services listed, you may consult us for marketing service.

Is this a Market Place for Local Africans Only .

Since we started by late 2013, our goal was to change and introduce travels to local Africans, the platform is focusing to promote African Trips to Africans citizen only and those who leaves within Africa.

How and when do I get paid?.

All payments for each booking will be sent to your bank account, payments will be done within 7 or 1 Days before travels or when a customer has arrived at your business door.