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What we are ?

Are you passionate about supporting tourism in marketing industry and  help the world of tourism work smarter ? Then check out our open positions on the tabs and see what’s available for you.

Applying Terms

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Sales officer | Tanzania

Are you super  savvy sales person and looking to take things to the highest peak? Maybe, given your lead generation experience, you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to keep your sales career moving forward through selling products. If you say yes to any of the above; One thing for sure, you want to be part of movement unlike any other. Try us on size

Sales officer

Sales Department: Location: Dar es salaam Tanzania

About you

You have a passion for sales. Lead generation and conversion goals make you giddy with excitement. So, you’re street smart enough to face different kinds of people and you’re an outstanding conversationalist, expert problem solver and an enthusiastic team player! Well then you’re the a around ‘can do’ results driven person we’d love to recruit. You’re positive attitude coupled with prior knowledge and experience of Sales and Online marketing in general –  equals big point.

In return, you will learn every aspect of the sales process here at positioning you for the opportunity to grow within the sales team. Your commission will be from your sales completed.

Do not worry about having a Masters Degree, or Diploma or Certificate.  All we need is your resume with a short description of your Portfolio, including previous work experience. We basically need to know what you can do.

About the Role

This isn’t one of those cold calling roles. No, it’s so much more than that. You’ll prospect and create new business partnerships with’s Financial Manager and/or help grow existing business with an assigned Marketing and Accounts Manager.

You’ll overcome technical, budgetary, and/or competitive sales objections to position against other competitors. You’ll use different methods of sales and marketing to push the available services. In addition, you will provide daily, weekly and monthly reports. And given all your interaction with potential members, you will be in a great place to provide feedback to Product Management, Marketing, and IT Support so we can improve the products and services.

For a period of 20 days successful candidates will be placed on probation, and this must  be completed in order to join the team officially. So if you’re keen, get in touch with us. See, told you it was much more.

There’s a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you.

About us

At, we’re changing the way the tourism industry works. We’ve made travel to Tanzania and across all over Africa, simply easy.

We are the ultimate solution for African tourism marketing.

From Online services and marketing with Social Media marketing services and demographic reviews;  we are here to support African tourism.

NOTE; is not a tour operator.

We deal with Tourism Marketing. Tourism is our field, and marketing is our game.

Applying for the Job

For you to be part of family, contact this desk with all necessary requested documents, and wait for our call. 

Marketing Department Ltd

Box 105296, NHC Building (Biashara Complex) – Koma Koma

Kinondoni Dar es salaam


Phone: +255 712 370 087

Product Manager

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